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Amber Alert issued for missing 8-year-old girl in Pinellas County

AutoAmber Alert issued for missing 8-year-old girl in Pinellas County

Urgent Amber Alert: 8-Year-Old Alessia Muhaj Reported Missing

Pinellas County Authorities Issue Amber Alert for Alessia Muhaj

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. – In a distressing turn of events, an Amber Alert has been issued for an 8-year-old girl, Alessia Muhaj, in Pinellas County. Authorities are urging the public to be vigilant and report any information that could lead to her safe return.

Alessia Muhaj’s Last Known Location

Alessia Muhaj was last seen in the area of the 1700th block of Clearwater Largo Road North in Clearwater. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has activated the Amber Alert system to aid in the swift recovery of the missing child.

Details of the Incident

The Amber Alert was triggered on Monday morning, bringing attention to the urgent situation. Alessia Muhaj is described as an 8-year-old with brown hair and brown eyes. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are still under investigation.

Suspected Abductor: Renato Muhaj

Authorities suspect that Alessia may be with 34-year-old Renato Muhaj. Renato is described as being 6 feet tall. The FDLE is treating this case with the utmost urgency, and law enforcement officials are actively searching for Alessia and her suspected abductor.

Vehicle Information

The two individuals may be traveling in a 2017 gold Kia Sportage with Florida license plate No. EJIJ99. The public is advised not to approach the vehicle or the individuals involved but to immediately contact law enforcement authorities if they have any information.

FDLE’s Appeal to the Public

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has issued a public appeal for assistance in locating Alessia Muhaj. They have requested individuals who may have seen Alessia, Renato Muhaj, or the specified vehicle to come forward with any relevant information.

Social Media Appeal

In a bid to widen the search and engage the community, the FDLE has taken to social media, sharing details of the Amber Alert. The official Twitter account of FDLE [@fdlepio] posted a tweet with a photo of Alessia Muhaj, urging people to share the post and contact law enforcement with any leads.

Please share this post! A Florida AMBER Alert has been issued for Alessia Muhaj, 8yo. May be in Kia Sportage EJIJ99. Contact law enforcement immediately. If you have any info on whereabouts of this child please contact the Largo Police Department at 727-587-6730 or 911. #FLAMBER

Previous Incidents: A Cause for Concern

Incidents involving missing children are always alarming, and the urgency of this situation is amplified by recent cases where missing children were found in precarious situations. Authorities are working tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of Alessia Muhaj.

Recent Incidents

It is worth noting that incidents involving missing children have been receiving heightened attention recently. Cases where children have been found safe but in unexpected locations underscore the need for immediate and coordinated efforts to locate missing individuals.

Urgent Action Required

In the context of this Amber Alert, the need for quick and effective community involvement cannot be overstated. Every piece of information, no matter how small, could be crucial in reuniting Alessia with her family.


As the search for Alessia Muhaj intensifies, authorities are urging residents and the broader community to remain vigilant and report any sightings or information related to the missing 8-year-old. The well-being of Alessia is of paramount importance, and the collective efforts of the community are crucial in ensuring her safe return.

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