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Empowering Skills On Wheels: Tahltan Nation Development Corporation and Finning Canada Introduce Innovative Mobile Training Centre

BusinessEmpowering Skills On Wheels: Tahltan Nation Development Corporation and Finning Canada Introduce Innovative Mobile Training Centre

Empowering Skills with Innovation

Tahltan Nation Development Corporation and Finning Canada Introduce Mobile Training Centre

Vancouver, January 24, 2024 – The AME Roundup conference witnessed a groundbreaking collaboration between the Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC) and Finning Canada as they unveiled the TNDC Mobile Training Centre. This initiative is designed to revolutionize heavy equipment operator (HEO) training by providing an innovative, mobile learning environment.

The Mobile Training Centre

The TNDC Mobile Training Centre is housed in a 44-foot trailer and is equipped with state-of-the-art simulators tailored for comprehensive HEO training. This groundbreaking facility aims to empower individuals with essential skills, emphasizing success in the rapidly evolving landscape of heavy equipment operation.

Simulator Programs

The facility includes four simulators, each featuring a distinct operator training program. These programs cover articulated trucks, dozers and loaders, and excavators, with additional programs under development. The simulators offer a safe and virtual environment for learners to develop their skills in operating Caterpillar equipment.

Flexibility and Location

Based at the Red Chris mine within the Tahltan Nation’s traditional territory, the Mobile Training Centre is strategically positioned for accessibility. Its unique feature is the flexibility to relocate to other sites as needed. This adaptability caters to the diverse training requirements of different locations.

Objectives and Support

The primary objective of the Mobile Training Centre is to support both the Tahltan HEO program and the TNDC Employee HEO training program. With the support of Finning Canada, TNDC aims to train 80-120 staff members annually, providing upskilling opportunities and training for new operators.

Benefits for Employees and TNDC

The Mobile Training Centre contributes not only to the onboarding of new employees but also enhances employee retention and productivity. Simultaneously, it aids in reducing recruitment and onboarding expenses, showcasing the economic advantages of investing in employee skill development.

Partnership Impact

Colleen Cashin, VP of People and Corporate Culture at TNDC, expressed, “It is through partnerships with partners like Finning that we are able to facilitate growth of our people and ongoing growth of our development corporation.” The collaboration highlights a shared commitment to fostering talent and creating a skilled workforce.

Finning’s Support and Expertise

Cheryl Gray, SVP of Mining at Finning Canada, emphasized the significance of simulator training, stating, “Simulator training provides a safe, hands-on experience for learners using the same controls and machine applications found in real-world worksites.” Finning’s role extends beyond providing simulators; the team supports installation, troubleshooting, and training of Tahltan instructors.

Investment in Talent Pipeline

The establishment of the TNDC Mobile Training Centre represents a substantial investment. The joint efforts of TNDC and Finning underscore their commitment to building a talent pipeline for future heavy equipment operators in the Tahltan territory in Northern BC.

Operational Responsibility

Once in operation, TNDC will take charge of operating and maintaining the centre, running all training programs, and ensuring its continued contribution to the development of skilled individuals in heavy equipment operation.

In conclusion, the TNDC Mobile Training Centre emerges as a beacon of innovation, providing a transformative approach to heavy equipment operator training. This initiative reflects the progressive vision of TNDC and Finning Canada in empowering individuals, fostering skill development, and building a sustainable talent pool in the heavy equipment industry.

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