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Genesis Shows Off Hot G80 Performance: Rival of the BMW M5, 1-Of-20 GV80 Twilight In Dubai

BusinessGenesis Shows Off Hot G80 Performance: Rival of the BMW M5, 1-Of-20 GV80 Twilight In Dubai

Genesis Shows Off Hot G80 Performance: Rival of the BMW M5, 1-Of-20 GV80 Twilight In Dubai

Hyundai’s Genesis luxury-car brand unveiled a special-edition, hot-high-performance G80 sedan pitched at BMW M5, Mercedes-AMG and Audi Sport.

A New sportier version

A new sportier version of the Genesis G80 large luxury sedan has been unveiled in Dubai which is reportedly planned to preview a production model with sharper styling and handling than regular G80s.

Unveiled at a Genesis customer event in Dubai, The Korean Car Blog claims the ‘Love Orange’ G80 Performance edition is planned to enter limited production for the Middle East only, restricted to 20 vehicles.

Genesis Hot G80 Performance There are no details on any potential engine upgrades for the vehicle, but visually it takes a step beyond the optional Sport package offered with the 2024 Genesis G80 update announced earlier this week.

As reported by US website Carscoops, there is no official information online about the vehicle, fitted with 21-inch alloy wheels with wider wheel arches, black slashes in the bonnet, and a lightweight boot lid made of carbon-fibre.

The rear also had an aggressive lower bumper area – referred to as a ‘diffuser’, as it breaks up air flow at the back of the vehicle – and details such as black exhaust tips instead of the usual chrome finish.

The cabin was in clear view, though, and saw the standard front seats replaced by Recaro-brand sports seats finished with quilted leather.

The motorsport influence is also shown with the red stripe on the steering wheel, which is used to show drivers the straight-ahead position during flurries of steering wheel use.

Genesis Motors

Genesis would not comment on the vehicle, reports Carscoops, so any engine changes cannot be confirmed.

Drive contacted Genesis Australia, which declined to offer any official comment on the vehicle.

Genesis Motors Middle Eastern division recently hosted an event at the Four Seasons Resort in Dubai to show off a few of its more expensive creations.

Among them were a pair of particularly exciting vehicles: a high performance G80 and an ultra-luxurious GV80 dubbed the ‘Twilight’ edition.

Unfortunately, official information remains scant at this point, but according to footage taken at the event, we can piece some things together.

The most exciting product for our readers will likely be the Genesis G80 Performance.

Finished in a shade of paint called Love Orange, according to videos shot by Instagram’s @974exotics, it features 21-inch sport wheels, a carbon fiber trunk lid spoiler, a diffuser, black exhaust tips, and aggressive black slashes in hood and fender.

It also gets widened wheel arches that, at the front, seem to integrate air vents into the bodywork surrounding headlights.

Inside, it has Recaro bucket seats with diamond quilted suede-like surfaces for the driver and passenger, and, since it’s a luxurious sedan, it also has Recaro seats in the back.

Its steering wheel also has a very racy red strip at the 12 o’clock mark to let you know it means business.

Genesis Hot G80 Performance

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to figure out what powertrain warrants all of these performance upgrades, but the line currently tops out with a 3.5-liter engine that makes 375 hp (280 kW/380 PS), so we would imagine that it will get something a little meatier to attack tracks with.

However, it’s not yet clear whether the G80 Performance is a flight of fancy or a vehicle that Genesis intends to put into production.

It seems that it does intend to build the second vehicle of interest at this event, albeit not many of them.

Genesis Hot G80 Performance The Genesis GV80 Twilight Edition is a two-tone SUV designed to show off just how luxurious the brand is capable of making its vehicles, and will be limited to just 20 examples.

With a black roof and gold sides in which brush strokes can be seen, it’s immediately clear that this is no normal GV80.

Indeed, customizability will be the priority here, allowing each buyer to make it their own.

Inside, this example has bright orange upholstery and open-pore trim with custom engraving to help owners show off what they really care about.

It also comes with cushions that match the seats, and a plaque for customers to express themselves with once again.

We don’t yet know how much the GV80 Twilight will cost, but so far it looks to be doing a good job of making Genesis look like an even more premium brand, which was the stated goal of the One of One program when it launched.

We have reached out to Genesis for further information, and we will update this post if and when we receive more details

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