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Max Verstappen Mania Takes Over NFL Stadium Amid Chiefs vs. Bills Game

SportsMax Verstappen Mania Takes Over NFL Stadium Amid Chiefs vs. Bills Game

Max Verstappen’s Anthem Echoes in NFL Stadium


The impact of Max Verstappen’s popularity transcends the world of Formula 1, reaching unexpected places. Recently, during an NFL playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills, the distinctive trap music anthem ’33 Max Verstappen’ took center stage. The song, created by Carte Blanq and Maxx Power, has become an iconic soundtrack associated with the Dutch racing sensation.

The Unlikely Fusion: F1 and NFL

The intersection of Formula 1 and American football may seem unusual, but it highlights the global reach and appeal of Max Verstappen. As the NFL teams clashed in a Divisional Round match, Verstappen’s anthem added an unexpected layer to the sporting experience.

The Rise of Max Verstappen

Drive to Survive Effect

Away from the racetrack, the Netflix series “Drive to Survive” has played a significant role in elevating Max Verstappen’s global profile. The show, which provides an intimate behind-the-scenes look at Formula 1, has attracted millions of new fans to the sport. Verstappen’s intense rivalries, daring overtakes, and charismatic personality have made him a focal point of the series.

Fandom Beyond F1

Verstappen’s rapid rise in Formula 1 has not only increased the sport’s popularity but has also turned him into a crossover sensation. The NFL incident is just one example of how Verstappen is making waves in other sports, showcasing the widespread appeal of his persona.

The NFL Moment

Setting the Stage

The NFL playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills served as an unexpected platform for the Max Verstappen anthem. As the teams battled on the field, the distinctive beats of ’33 Max Verstappen’ filled the stadium, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Taylor Kelce and the Verstappen Fever

Notably, Chiefs’ tight end Taylor Kelce, who is romantically linked with global pop icon Taylor Swift, was in attendance. The presence of high-profile figures added to the buzz surrounding the moment as fans experienced the fusion of two seemingly disparate worlds.

The Anthem: ’33 Max Verstappen’

Origin and Evolution

The anthem, colloquially known as ‘DuDuDuDu, Max Verstappen,’ officially titled ’33 Max Verstappen,’ was released in September 2023. However, its roots trace back to the previous year when Carte Blanq and Maxx Power collaborated to create the original track. Since then, the song has become more than just music; it has evolved into a fan-favorite anthem synonymous with Max Verstappen’s racing prowess.

Dutchman’s Musical Impact

The distinct beats and catchy rhythm of the anthem have resonated with fans worldwide, turning it into a symbol of support for Max Verstappen. Its popularity extends beyond the racetrack, making appearances in unexpected places like NFL stadiums, showcasing the global cultural impact of Formula 1.


Max Verstappen’s anthem making waves in an NFL stadium illustrates the far-reaching influence of the Dutch racing sensation. As the worlds of Formula 1 and American football briefly collided, it became clear that Verstappen’s popularity knows no bounds. The anthem, with its infectious energy, has become a symbol of the global fervor surrounding Max Verstappen, transcending the confines of traditional sports fandom.

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