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MiQ : sustainability in digital advertising, partners with Scope3

BlogMiQ : sustainability in digital advertising, partners with Scope3

MiQ: sustainability in digital advertising, Ad-tech player MiQ has launched a sustainable advertising solution in India, powered by partnerships with Scope3 and Seen This.

It has built a sustainable ads suite to help clients reduce the carbon footprint of their campaigns without sacrificing performance by combining the right insights, tech, creative, and supply strategies.

MiQ: sustainability in digital advertising

MiQ’s granular data from customer campaigns identifies exactly where and when ads run online and is paired with Scope3’s emissions modeling data for clients to provide MiQ’s proprietary Green Score, helping clients assess, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions.

MiQ: sustainability in digital advertising

MiQ’s Commercial Board Member and Managing Director, Siddharth Dabhade said, “By giving marketers comprehensive insights to measure and reduce the carbon impact of their digital campaigns, developing climate-smarter ad creatives, and optimizing the programmatic supply path.

we have developed a formidable sustainable advertising solution that would empower climate-conscious brands, agencies and media practitioners to make sustainable media buying choices.

More importantly, it enables us to start change-making conversations with brands and media agencies about digital ads that are good for consumers, good for communities, and good for our planet.”

In addition, MiQ’s has partnered with adaptive streaming technology provider SeenThis, delivers programmatic creatives with less data waste.

These ads stream in bite-sized pieces when in-view, ensuring that data is transferred only when actively consumed by users and is otherwise paused.

For MiQ and its clients, this reduces data waste by an average of 25%, as well as associated carbon emissions, all related to excessive buffering and offscreen loading.

MiQ and SeenThis claims to have already achieved greener and more performant results for over 100 campaigns to date, including for major fashion houses, tourism brands, and next-gen gaming companies.

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