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Quebec’s Strategic Minerals List Expanded: Apatite (Phosphate) Joins First Phosphate Corp.’s Key Resources

TechnologyQuebec's Strategic Minerals List Expanded: Apatite (Phosphate) Joins First Phosphate Corp.'s Key Resources

The Aluminium Association of Canada and Quebec’s Strategic Minerals List

Aluminium Recognized as Critical and Strategic Mineral in Quebec

Quebec has officially added aluminium to its list of critical and strategic minerals, a decision welcomed by the Aluminium Association of Canada (AAC). This move is significant, given Quebec’s pivotal role in the production of 75% of North America’s primary aluminium. The addition of aluminium to the list aligns with the strategic moment in industrial development, where Quebec’s contribution to electrification is crucial for the decarbonization of the North American economy.

Quebec’s Role in Decarbonization

Quebec’s position as a major producer of primary aluminium positions it as a key player in the decarbonization efforts in North America. With a substantial share in the production of renewable energy, including solar panels, and its application in transmission lines, batteries, and electric vehicles, Quebec’s low-carbon aluminium is integral to various stages of the electrification process. Jean Simard, President and CEO of AAC, emphasizes the essential role of Quebec’s aluminium, stating that it is indispensable “from start to finish.”

Aluminium on Critical Mineral Lists Globally

A Global Perspective on Aluminium

Aluminium has been recognized as a critical mineral not only in Quebec but also in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Canada, specifically, produces over 80% of North America’s primary aluminium and nearly 45% of primary metal in Europe and the United States combined. Furthermore, Canada stands out as the largest source of low-carbon metal production from a democratic nation.

First Phosphate Corp. Applauds Quebec’s Recognition of Apatite

Quebec’s Acknowledgment of Apatite as a Critical and Strategic Mineral

In a separate but related development, First Phosphate Corp. applauds Quebec’s Minister of Natural Resources and Forests, Mme Maïté Blanchette Vézina, for unveiling the 2023-2025 Action Plan for the Quebec Plan for the Development of Critical and Strategic Minerals 2020-2025 (PQVMCS). This plan includes the updating of Quebec’s list of critical and strategic minerals to incorporate apatite (phosphate). This move aligns Quebec with other jurisdictions like Ontario, the European Union, and South Korea, recognizing phosphate as a critical and strategic mineral.

Phosphate’s Global Relevance

Phosphate is globally significant, and its recognition in Quebec aligns with its critical status in various parts of the world. Both Canada and the United States are expected to make decisions on the critical and strategic status of phosphate in 2024. The global phosphate production landscape, as indicated by Argus Phosphate Rock Analytics, projects a 61% decline in North American phosphate production by 2037.

First Phosphate Corp.’s Strategic Involvement

Aiming for Sustainable Phosphate Production

First Phosphate Corp. actively engages in the development of Quebec’s igneous phosphate resources and supports the acknowledgment of the tremendous opportunity these resources represent for North America’s electrification needs. Quebec’s recognition of apatite aligns with First Phosphate Corp.’s vision of tapping into Quebec’s igneous anorthosite phosphate rock, seen as an untapped source of high-purity phosphate. The company aims to mine and transform this resource into large quantities of high-purity purified phosphoric acid (PPA).

Developing an LFP Battery Valley

First Phosphate Corp.’s objective extends to the development of an LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery valley in Quebec’s Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region. Such a development can potentially meet the increasing demand for LFP battery cathode active materials (CAM) across North America. The company envisions creating a fully integrated LFP battery supply chain in North America, emphasizing responsible and low-carbon practices.


Quebec’s recognition of aluminium and apatite (phosphate) as critical and strategic minerals reflects the province’s commitment to contributing significantly to North America’s industrial and electrification needs. The Aluminium Association of Canada and First Phosphate Corp. both commend Quebec’s forward-thinking approach, acknowledging the pivotal role these minerals play in sustainable development and decarbonization efforts.

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