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Valerie Bertinelli Departs Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship: Candid Reflections on the Unexpected Farewell

BlogValerie Bertinelli Departs Food Network's Kids Baking Championship: Candid Reflections on the Unexpected Farewell

Valerie Bertinelli Bids Farewell to Kids Baking Championship: Navigating the Unexpected Departure


Valerie Bertinelli, beloved actress and longtime host of Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship, recently shared a heartfelt announcement on her departure from the show after an incredible 12-season journey. The unexpected farewell has left fans and colleagues surprised, prompting Bertinelli to open up about the circumstances surrounding her exit.

Navigating the Unexpected Exit

In an Instagram video shared on Saturday, January 20, Bertinelli candidly expressed her feelings about parting ways with the show. The actress, recognized for her role in Hot in Cleveland, revealed that the primary reason for her departure was attributed to “budget cuts.” This revelation came as a shock to both her and the show’s dedicated audience.

The Ghosting Experience

Addressing the circumstances surrounding her exit, Bertinelli mentioned feeling “basically ghosted” by the Food Network. The actress clarified that there were no discussions or negotiations regarding her contract. Instead, she received the news through a text from a third party on a Friday, leaving her to grapple with the abruptness of the decision. Bertinelli emphasized that there were no talks to stall, disputing claims of a contractual impasse.

Emotional Impact on Valerie Bertinelli

The departure from Kids Baking Championship took an emotional toll on Valerie Bertinelli, who admitted to being hurt by the decision. In a vulnerable Instagram video, she shared her candid feelings, acknowledging that, logically, she understood it was a business decision driven by budget constraints. However, on a personal level, the news deeply affected her. The actress revealed that the show had been a significant source of support during a challenging period in her life.

The Show as a Lifesaver

Valerie Bertinelli opened up about the pivotal role Kids Baking Championship played during a tumultuous time in her life. She referred to the episodes currently airing, shot in the summer of 2022, as her “apex year of hell.” In that year, Bertinelli finalized her divorce, faced the loss of her Hot in Cleveland co-star Betty White, and experienced a burglary at her home. Despite these challenges, the show provided her with a sense of purpose and a platform to spread kindness, acting as a “floatation device” during tough times.

Impact on Colleagues and Fans

The unexpected departure resonated not only with Valerie Bertinelli but also with her co-stars and fans of the show. Khloé Kardashian expressed her dismay on Instagram, stating her love for the show and the magical dynamic between Bertinelli and Duff Goldman. Singer Debbie Gibson also shared her understanding of the complexities of showbiz decisions, offering empathy and support to Bertinelli.


As Valerie Bertinelli embarks on a new chapter, fans and colleagues rally behind her, recognizing the profound impact she had on Kids Baking Championship. The unexpected farewell marks the end of an era, leaving viewers with heartfelt memories of Bertinelli’s warmth, guidance, and contributions to the beloved show.

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